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Best Block Pipe Support Sleeper BEST BLOCK pipe supports are for flat roof tops gas piping, electrical conduit and platform applications. Basic Question and Answer How do you attach gas pipe, refrigeration lines or electrical lines to the block Attaching to the .

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Pipeline Sleepers/Supports Durable, economical and easy to install, the Century Precast Concrete Pipeline Sleepers / Supports are the answer to problems associated with metal, wood and cast-in-place concrete pipe sleepers. With the Century Precast .

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Economical, Recycled PVC Design for Easy Rooftop Conduit and Condensate Pipe Support 3 1/2 high x 3 long. Designed to be cut down to a length of 6 or longer Individual support pieces cannot be less than 6 Maximum Pipe Clearance 3 1/2" Maximum load not .

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Rooftop Coax Kits, Tall Coax Kits, PVC Rooftop Sleepers, Roof-Top Hood Entry, Adjustable Splice & Self-Splicing Coax Kits, Sleeper Pads protect Coax Cables on Rooftops from .


PVC-1.16 Roof Hatch Detail... 8 PVC-1.17 Sleeper Detail... 9 PVC-1.18 Sleeper Curb Detail... 9 PVC-1.19 Custom Seal Mechanically Attached...10 PVC-1.20 Prefabricated Closed Pipe Boot PVC-1.21 Prefabricated Open Pipe .

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DURA-BLOK can be used to support piping, HVAC/Ducts, roof walkways, conduit and cable tray. DURA-BLOK Rooftop Supports DURA-BLOK Rooftop Supports Eaton 279 B-Line series Pipe Hangers & Supports Dimensions - 4 (101mm)High x 6 (152mm) .

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Roof Topper Conduit Supports from Arlington provide an effective, economical, and ecologically sustainable solution for running pipelines atop your roof. Instead of heavy rubber blocks that can harden and crumble over time under the Sun's heat, these supports .

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Rooftop Sleeper Standoff Support The sleeper standoff support offers a strong and economical solution for creating an elevated rooftop standoff from existing sleeper supports (or roof curb). They are typically used to elevate piping, ductwork, HVAC equipment .

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CADDY PYRAMID 25 Pipe and Conduit Support, Plastic CADDY PYRAMID Rooftop Systems Details Applications Video Documents 3D Models PDF Version CADDY PYRAMID rooftop supports are a surface mounted solution for supporting electrical and .

on flat roofs including; gas pipe electrical conduit QUICKER LESS EXPENSIVE LONGER LASTING STANDARDIZATION refrigeration piping

electrical conduit refrigeration piping SPECIFICATIONS Special Notes: c Roller extension kits available for raising/sloping pipe . The test revealed the best-case scenario for installation of the 2-hole galvanized pipe straps, mounted to the roof block using .

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MIRO Industries Provides solutions for supporting rooftop pipe, conduit, duct and walkway systems that prevent damage to the roof membrane and that effectively support a variety of loads. MIRO is suited to carry most mechanical and electrical products that are .

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C-Port roof blocks C-Ports provide innovative, economical support systems for Gas and Refrigeration Pipes, Electrical Conduit, Ducting, Roof walkways, HVAC and Solar Racking. 100% Recycled Rubber May contribute to L.E.E.D. credits Compatible with most .

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PVC Roof Top Sleepers, Rooftop Pad, Cable Tray Pads, Mats PVC Roof Top Sleepers. Wireless rooftop site equipment installers have a variety of roof top equipment to choose from at Site Pro 1. Our PVC roof top sleepers. machinery for the manufacture of eco .

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Shop for caddy roof sleepers from Platt Electric Supply . Roof Flashing. Neoprene Collar, Fits: 1-1/4" - 2" Conduit. Galvanized Base, Size: 9" x 12". Collar affixed with a metal .

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while protecting the roof. Made in USA. Products About CAPS Student Program Contact Login Open Menu . Rooftop Sleeper Support provides contractors and building owners reliable, dependable, and affordable alternatives to the traditional wood .

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Product Details: Sleepers are included in CIW Roof-Top Cable Tray Kits but extras can be purchased separately. Constructed from 4 x 4 PVC. Punched with 3/4 holes for snap-ins. Number of Holes: See chart below. Make selection from the drop down .

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The RSS4 Rooftop Sleeper Support is designed to support a variety of small electrical pipe, conduit and walkway planks. The RSS4 is manufactured through a plastic extrusion process using 100% recycled PVC material. The support is designed for installation .

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TEK screws or other self tapping fasteners are used to attach conduit supports, pipe clamps or other clamping fittings. Use a TEK screw to attach the hold down clip. That's all that is required! Grating can also be used to construct a platform for heavy equipment .