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Roofing #2: Western red cedar. With their dark blonde to chocolate brown hues, Western red cedar shingles possess a natural beauty, making them popular along the New England coast. It's also a durable, impact-resistant material. Note: Wood products are naturally more susceptible to plant growth and decay, so consider..

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Nov 12, 2015 . Customers in Perth's Western Suburbs often ask the best fencing materials, treatments and coatings are best to use for their coastal homes. Here we answer!StormSmart Properties Fact Sheet 6: Sand Fencing -

To minimize impacts if fencing is washed out in a storm and becomes marine debris, only fencing made of thin slats of untreated wood connected with twisted wire should be used in coastal areas. These materials break down relatively quickly in the marine environment and consequently have fewer impacts than plastic..

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Aug 1, 2002 . installed, the fences help build dunes by trapping wind- blown sand. But if installed improperly, they can impede public access to the - - beach, and can trap or endanger sea turtles, their nests . Coastal Area Management Act permit requirements. If property . built from evenly spaced thin wooden vertical

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in Heavy Use Areas. Acknowledgements. 14. Additional Resources. 14. References. 15. This bulletin addresses restoration of the dynamic frontal coastal sand dune system with sand fencing and 'Cape' American beachgrass. Other typical Northeast area dune plants, such as Rosa Rugosa, Bayberry, and Beach Plum..