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Online retailer of environmentally responsible products. Carries earth, animal, and human friendly products.

Greener Choices

Guide on how to be a more environmentally-friendly consumer. Includes information that evaluates the meaning of environmental labels on food, wood, personal care products and household cleaners.

Natural Collection

Carries environmentally friendly gifts and household items. Includes information on chemicals, recycling, ethical finance and green power.

Psychedelic Rainbow

Museum quality, reproduction Native American weapons, ceremonial and traditional items, bows, peace pipes, dance sticks, jewelry, fountains, environmentally friendly products, hemp, hippie, and jam band items.

Yoga Accessories

Offers a wide selection of environmentally friendly yoga products. Individual and wholesale pricing.

Close The Loop

Offers recycled and environmentally friendly products including tire chips for playground and equine use, tire swings, and gift items. Includes FAQ and environmental facts.


Buy products for environmentally friendly disposal of clinical, pet, hazardous, and non-hazardous industrial and household waste. Custom printed waste disposal products available.

Yellow Submarine Power DrainStick

An environmentally friendly DIY plumbing tool used to unclog drains.

Kids Regen.org

Learn about organic/regenerative farming, enter your school in a Green Thumbs contest, play some games or makes some environmentally-friendly arts and crafts.

Get Rid Of Moles

Environmentally friendly mole and gopher repellers that use vibrations that produce penetrating sonic sounds that irritate burrowing rodents. Includes information about mole species and distribution maps.

US Flood Control

Emergency flood control and protection system, easy to assemble, reusable and environmentally friendly, to divert up floodwaters and protect properties from flooding disasters without the use of sandbags.


Environmentally friendly liquid fertilizers. Liquid bone meal, lime, kelp, and fish fertilizer. Information on lawn and houseplant care.


Systems for automated non-man entry cleaning of oil storage tanks. Desludging, cleaning and oil recovery using safe and environmentally friendly processes.

Mosquito Control Trap

Lentek Mosquito Trap magnet offers an effective, environmentally friendly alternative to pesticide control methods.

Geo Enviro Group

Provides environmentally friendly graffiti removers, paint strippers and industrial cleaners. Features product description, technical and MSDS information, list of projects and international contact information.

Green Vehicle Guide

To help consumers choose environmentally friendly vehicles, this site rates only environmental performance using emission levels and fuel economy values as criteria. From the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

Environmentally Friendly Products

Tuam, County Galway based company, offering water treatment products and services nationwide. Includes contact details.

Northern Technologies International Corporation

Find information about various companies that made environmentally friendly products. Features of this site include news, company information and descriptions of current technology platforms.

Hyatt Regency Washington on Capitol Hill

Environmentally friendly hotel within walking distance of the U.S. Capitol, Smithsonian, Lincoln Memorial, the White House, and other downtown DC attractions. On-site dining and a wide selection of nearby restaurants.

Arbour Environmental Shoppe

Canadian company offers environmentally friendly products like stove fans, baby items, solar cooking books and hemp clothing.

Harmony Threads

Produces earth-friendly wear for children. Retail and wholesale available. Lists retail stores and online catalogs.