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DRIcore dramatically improves the quality of your living environment through cold and dampness protection. DRIcore keeps your family warm and dry, while protecting furniture, flooring and electronics from basement moisture. DRIcore panels provide an easy ready-to-use wood subfloor to add your favorite finished floor

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Sep 28, 2017 . AmDry by Amvic Building System is a one-step insulated-basement-subfloor solution for managing moisture, keeping your basement warm, and . Moving, cutting, and placing the moderately sized AmDry panels sure beats the hassle of dealing with full-size sheets of plywood subfloor, and makes for a..

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Moisture and mold will inevitably destroy organic materials, like carpet and plywood subflooring, leaving you with a smelly, nasty, uncomfortable basement. Before you install flooring in your basement, consider the benefits of ThermalDry Insulated Floor Decking. The revolutionary basement subfloor system leaves you..

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Dec 13, 2017 . When it comes to the basement subfloor, you have a variety of options to choose from. The benefits of DRI-core subfloor versus plywood subfloor

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When installing wood floors in a basement, quality subflooring is a must. It should have good integrity and act as a strong, effective vapor and moisture barrier between the concrete and the wood. This will help prevent any cupping or other problems associated with the wood absorbing too much moisture from the concrete

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DRIcore-style subfloor tiles. PROS. Dimpled underside allows excellent air circulation over concrete; Feels almost as warm and soft as a regular subfloor; Most come in 2'x2' tiles so there are no 4'x8' sheets to lug around; Easy install, much like a "floating" hardwood floor; Nothing anchored into the concrete

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Mar 10, 2018 . They only come into play when you want to expand downward and make your basement a warm, livable space. Concrete or tile-over-concrete are acceptable floors for uninhabited basements. In order to install any kind of floor coveringengineered wood, laminate, carpetingbasement subflooring is..

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Apr 5, 2010 . Hello I am remodeling/refinishing my basement in Connecticut. I have a question about putting down a subfloor. What would be the recommended or preferred way? (1) Put 1 inch XPS foam directly on the concrete floor then 3/4 or 5/8 plywood on top and tapcon both the wood and foam to the concrete floor

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Once the AmDry insulated subfloor panels are installed, you can apply any type of flooring like carpet, hardwood, vinyl, laminate, tile or stone. Carpet and hardwood mount directly to the OSB with tack stripping or nails. For vinyl sheeting or tiles, simply apply 1/4-in. plywood underlayment before laying the vinyl. If you prefer..

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Having a wood subfloor below a carpet in a basement can cause rotting and mold growth. Traditional basement finishing uses a wood subfloor with carpet on top. When this wood subfloor gets damp, it will rot, buckle, and grow mold. As humidity rises up naturally through the concrete floor, it accumulates under these floors

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The use of a plywood subfloor topped by cement backer board has made tiling much easier today than when I started my remodeling career. But there are a few. . Another mistake I often see is grout wedged between the last row of tiles and the tub, cabinets or doorsill. Grout in these transitional areas will crack as the floor..

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ThermalDry Insulated Floor Decking, installed by John's Waterproofing, offers many advantages over traditional plywood subflooring. Contact us for an in-house consultation and free installation quote! We are your local basement finishing experts, serving Portland, Eugene, Salem, Beaverton OR, Vancouver WA and..

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Bestow a manicured look to your floor by adding this DRIcore Subfloor Panel. . DRIcore sub floor panels have been designed with air gap technology to keep basement floors dry, comfortable and cozy throughout the entire year. . Add your favorites finished floor think carpet, laminate, engineered hardwood, tile or vinyl

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Undecided about the best way to cover and warm up the concrete floor in your basement? Air gap subfloor panels elevate and insulate your finished floor quickly and easily. A subfloor. . Acclimatize the subfloor panels and wood flooring if applicable, to the temperature and humidity in the room where they will be installed

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Apr 24, 2015 . Even using pressure treated plywood in a basement that is prone to flooding won't help, as the hardwood floor installed to it won't be pressure treated. If the concrete has any areas which are uneven, they need to be corrected before the plywood subfloor is installed. Lumps and bumps of concrete will..

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Lay more two-by-fours, 16 inches on center, securing them to the basement floor with concrete nails. Fill in with one-inch rigid insulation and cover with three-quarter-inch plywood. Now you're ready to finish off the basement floor with the flooring of your choice. For more on flooring, consider: Basement Flooring 101 Subfloor Options for Basements | HGTV

Wood panels, such as plywood or oriented strand board, are common subfloor choices. However, because wood is a naturally porous substance that will absorb moisture, when used as a basement subfloor, these materials are often installed on mini-joists known as "sleepers," which allow it to sit above a concrete pad

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Apr 13, 2017 . DIY How to Install a Basement Subfloor .. After your done with the plywood. how to install the carpet. please.. im moving tomorrow to my new house!!! . I recently built a home but it is on piles with a structural wood floor so I have a 4 foot clspace underneath my basement floor so this system isn't..