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Perimeter channel drain solves pool deck drainage problem

pool deck, we installed a contin- uous channel drain and poure d a topping that sloped to the dra i n . Choosing this approach saved the owner money and reduced dow n-. t i m e, but re q u i red us to solve some challenging problems. Source of the drainage problem. The swimming pool was ori g i n a l- ly built as an..

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Jul 23, 2010 . ACCESS BARRIER: A fence, wall, building wall or combination thereof that completely encloses a pool, spa or .. 303.0 Drainage. Site drainage shall be provided to direct all drainage from site, perimeter decks, and roofs away from the pool, spa and adjacent buildings and structures. 304.0 Equipment

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Jun 19, 2017 . New decks are commonly built to slope away from the pool, 1/4" for every foot, so with a 4' wide pool deck, the outer edge should be 1" lower than the inner edge, where it meets the pool. PROBLEM #3: Deck Drains clog up fairly regularly, especially if you get mulch and soil floating around the pool deck

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Deck Joints or Expansion Joints are used to minimize the risk of concrete from cracking due to expansion or contraction of the ground underneath. Don't settle for standard aluminum bullnose coping! Deck Forms allow you to pour a concrete deck for your pool and finish the edge in concrete. Deck Drains are used when..

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Clearances from pool edge to pool enclosure and clearances outside of pool enclosure. d. Type of deck drainage. e. Deck material f. Hose bibb locations within pool area and equipment room with approved backflow devices. 4. Pool enclosure details a. Show the pool with the proposed fence or building wall surrounding it

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A pool perimeter is defined by the limits of the pool deck, its surrounding area including yard area on same property, and any dwelling or nondwelling wall or any combination thereof which completely surrounds the pool. POOL PLUMBING. All chemical, circulation, filter waste discharge piping, deck drainage and water..

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Garage, Hanger, & Service Areas [5]. Garden Areas [1]. General Purpose [23]. Gutter [1]. Heavy-Duty Floor Drain [5]. Indirect Waste Floor Receptor [3]. Institutions, Hospitals, Schools [1]. Office Buildings [1]. Parks, Recreational Areas [1]. Penthouse & Small Area [1]. Pharmaceutical [1]. Planting Area [1]. Pool Deck Drain [1]

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Mar 27, 2015 . Spot drains: are smaller drains placed in strategic places; they feed into a horizontal pipe that carries water from the patio. Spot drains are used in places where strip drains won't work. Grading: to encourage water to flow into the grassnot under the pool or into the basementthe deck is built with a slope,..

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Paddock Pool Equipment Company has recently developed and released another new product line with Evacuator Technology the Modular Deck Drain + . standard PPEC deck drain; Requires no deck space, avoid ADA compliance issues; Compatible with most DHU manufacturers; Durable HDPE grating, built to last..

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Dec 1, 2015 . Do you have a concrete back yard? Drainage is key to keep your pool and home from damage. Here we are installing new French Drains with catch basins under th..

How to Improve Drainage Around Pool Decks: 4 Steps (with Pictures)

Oct 28, 2016 . How to Improve Drainage Around Pool Decks. This is a large, 40 x 20 foot pool in a backyard that's mostly concrete with a mere three-foot border for garden beds before the fences. Anytime it rained, it would dump leaves, dirt, and..

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Nov 26, 2012 . By Glenn Mathewson. Q I work in Texas, and we've had to change the way we build decks around pools and spas. . Slope the Deck. Section 306.4 addresses the slope of a deck adjacent to a pool or spa. The idea is to pitch such decks so that water will drain off, thus reducing the slipping hazard. The code..