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Eliminate steep, difficult to mow slopes, stop erosion and create attractive planting beds with an easy to assemble wood retaining wall. It uses lightweight

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Eliminate steep, difficult to mow slopes, stop erosion and create attractive planting beds with an easy to assemble wood retaining wall. It uses lightweight

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How to Build a Treated Wood Retaining Wall. Wood Retaining WallLandscaping Retaining WallsBuilding A Retaining WallSteep Hillside LandscapingLandscaping IdeasGarden LandscapingSloping BackyardBackyard FencesSteep Backyard. Eliminate steep, difficult to mow slopes, stop erosion and create attractive..

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Jul 7, 2011 . If you look around your neighborhood you may see several properties with existing timber retaining walls. Of these, there may be a few that were improperly installed and show signs of bulging or leaning. Most often this is due to poor drainage or improperly securing the timber retaining wall to the slope

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Mar 18, 2017 . I want to build a three-foot-high retaining wall behind my house out of pressure-treated wood. Thoughts?Shawn B., Sioux City, Iowa. Go ahead, but do your homework. First, call 811 before you dig. The free service locates all underground utilities on or in front of a property. (It's unlikely that you'll hit these..


May 20, 1984 . One of the quickest and easiest ways for the do-it-yourselfer to build a low retaining wall is to use wooden railroad ties. Although discarded old ones can sometimes be purchased directly from a local railroad yard, in most communities new wood ''railroad ties'' are more readily available from dealers who..

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In most cases, it's the simple construction and low costs that make timber retaining walls the most common choice for do-it-yourself home improvement. This kind of wall is also an affordable way your landscape contractor can control short slopes that may erode or prove unstable over time. In recent years the demand for..

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Although, the primary reason for installing any kind of retaining wall is to limit the sloping and soil erosion, it also makes a significant contribution towards making the garden space more aesthetically appealing. Retaining walls can be constructed in many ways with the timber retaining walls being a traditionally popular..

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They can be constructed as simple low wall units used to make raised planting beds or major walls that require special building techniques to resist thousands of pounds of pressure from the weight of soil, water and retained material. Retaining walls can be made of pressure treated lumber, pressure treat timber, natural cut..

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Nov 29, 2014 . This Old House landscaping contractor Roger Cook shows how to construct a wood-timber retaining wall to create a play area. (See below for a shopping list an..

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Compact and level wall rock. Excavate and compact next step-up. Compact and level wall rock. Install retaining wall step-up. When building step-ups, begin the base course at the lowest wall elevation. Dig a base trench that is 24 in. (600 mm) wide.**; The depth of the trench is determined by allowing for 6 in. (150 mm) plus..

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I have decided to build a retaining wall using pressure treated wood. The original . My question is when does a wood wall need to have deadmen? And if I .. The required size of the pieces depends on what type of soil you have, the slope at the top of the wall, and how wet the soil can become. Wet soil..

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First of all, to build a durable and quality retaining wall on a slope, you need certain materials and equipments ready with you. These materials and equipments includes Work gloves, Brick chisel and small sledgehammer, Shovel, Wooden stakes, level, String and a line level, interlocking stackable stones and toppers, Soil..

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How to Build a Wood Retaining Wall. Building a wood retaining wall can keep your topsoil from washing away down a slope, and it can be turned into a terraced garden for planting anything from vegetables and flowers to small shrubs and..

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Nov 8, 2011 . The area you want to place your retaining wall is probably not perfectly level, but -- in order for the retaining wall to look appealing -- it must run straight across the yard. The first step in building a retaining wall is digging a trench. Since the retaining wall blocks rest in this trench, it must be perfectly level

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Jun 19, 2017 . Building specifics. Techniques for steeper slopes include the use of interlocking concrete blocks, wood retaining walls, riprap (loose rock) areas, terracing and rock retaining walls. If you choose wood, be sure to treat the wood with a preservative to prevent rotting. If the wall will be higher than 3-4 feet,..

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Check with your community's building department before setting out to build a retaining wall. Many codes require a permit for any structure that holds back what amounts to thousands of pounds of earth, and most limit the height of an amateur-built retaining wall to 3 feet. If your slope needs a higher wall or requires extensive..

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Jan 12, 2017 . Wood Retaining Walls: $15 per square foot; Interlocking Concrete Retaining Walls: $20 per square foot; Natural Stone Retaining Walls: $25 or more per square foot .. Without the right slope, the water can saturate the ground and increase the weight of the dirt enough that it pushes the retaining wall down

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A retaining wall is a structure built to prevent the down slope advance of earth mass by resisting the lateral pressure. This structure holds back earth mass, typically materials like soil and rock, most often in an area susceptible to landslide. The lateral pressure on this structure is the least at the top of the wall and most at the..

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If you want to move the earth, build a retaining wall-by the time you're done, you'll feel . Your best choice is a pressure-treated wood that has a rating of .40 or higher. Avoid railroad ties- . Once you have nailed the second course in place, lay a thin bed of gravel on the ground behind it, sloping it 1 inch every 4 feet

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Jan 2, 2008 . Steps for building a retaining wall. . Because my build time is limited (weekends), it's important to me to source all materials and equipment in one place. .. To add another color to the palette, tinted wood sealer (like you'd put on your deck) is another way to give the wall life and maintain the lumber that..