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Can I use a hand power planer to remove high spots on deck boards .

Greetings. Planer will work..but be careful here.. The planer can leave edge grooves where it cuts. and.if you hit a nail the planer knives are gone and need replacement. A better way may be to use a hand belt sander. You can rent one or purchase. a very handy tool in the garage for many jobs

Composite Decking on a Boardwalk is a Very Bad Idea

Mar 6, 2018 . Just the act of installing the decking will puncture this, as the boards are screwed down or cut to length exposing the core. .. So City Planers and contractors, the next time you are approached by the Sierra Club or Greenpeace, and they threaten to put an injunction against you if you use natural wood, ask..

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Chatter marks: Marks made on boards during the planing or surfacing process when the material is milled. They occur perpendicular to the length of the board. Also referred to 'skip planing', 'planer marks' or 'mill marks', excessive chatter is a milling imperfection. Minor chatter marks can be sanded out. Deep chatter marks..

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May 22, 2006 . My wife wants to trash the deck but I think that's a mistake. I had heard a "trick" of pulling up the surface boards and just flipping them and staining. Haven't looked at the under side but suspect that might not do the trick. Then it occurred to me that it might be very cost effective to buy a joiner or planer and run..

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Jul 30, 2012 . Saving an Old Lumber Deck with Ames' Research Laboratories Safe-T-Deck - Duration: 3:12. Ames Research Laboratories, Inc. 9,322 views · 3:12 · Planing old weathered cedar. - Duration: 0:35. Fred Johnson 2,714 views · 0:35. Video 4.Do I need to sand my deck? - Duration: 5:35. CUTEK..

How to Straighten Warped Wood in 4 Easy (and Cheap) Steps

Jan 9, 2014 . I am tooling and lumbering up for some furniture projects this year, and while thinking about how to straighten warped wood or bowed wood (step one of any project involving rough-sawn boards) I started daydreaming about the world's largest power jointer. I even included a power jointer in my list of basic..

Can Painted or Stained 2x6 boards be run through a planer?

Or can I just go with a deck stain? Select as Best AnswerUndo Best Answer. user · frollard (author)jonallynReply. Stain colours the wood but doesn't do much to protect it from further water damage. You want a top coat that soaks in and makes the outer layer waterproof. Check your local hardware stores as there..

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Before you install your first joist or deck board, you'll want to have a deck design that's completely planned out from the foundation to the ledger board. But you probably don't want to spend your entire spring or summer designing it. You want to go outside and build. So use SmartD's deck planner to design a deck to be..

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Nothing beats owning a wood planer when you need to smooth boards and mill them to an exact thickness. Woodworking planers used to be found only at cabinet and millwork shops. Now you can buy a bench-top wood planer for several hundred dollars at home centers and tool retailers. If you do any remodeling, deck..

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With fresh lumber becoming increasingly expensive, finding old wood from barns, decks, fences, and rehabbed housing has become a popular option in the last few years. The patina and well-worn surface of reclaimed wood is unmatched, and once you've removed any metal fasteners, the thickness planer is the way to go..

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WEN 6550 12.5-Inch 15A Benchtop Thickness Planer with Granite Table . Delta Power Tools 22-555 13 In Portable Thickness Planer .. (2) Warped, cupped, and bowed boards can be flattened with a thickness planer like this one, but you need a good straight board to set the work-piece on, and you'll need some shims to..

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Nov 21, 2017 . Whether we are talking about Ipe or Cumaru or even Pressure treated Pine or Red Cedar, these decking boards are not intended to be a finished product . Like our analogy with the cat, wood will fight back when your planer encounters grain going in a different direction, and wood will tear out, creating a..

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Over the years, numerous manufacturers have developed composite decking boards. Each composite board has unique qualities that impact how a visible decking screw performs. McFeely's carries a variety of visible decking screws made specifically for composite decking. Each type of screw McFeely's carries has its own.. Lumber Defects 101

Stains can also conceal visual defects by covering them with a consistent color throughout the deck. Warping is any variation from a true plane surface on a piece of lumber. This occurs due to the differences between radial, tangential, and longitude shrinkage in a piece of wood or growth stresses that encourage the board..

Flip Your Old Deck Boards Before Shelling Out for a New Deck

Aug 22, 2009 . If your deck is looking a little weathered and you're considering replacing the boards, you might want to try this simple trick to see if you can squeeze a few more years of service out of them

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Jun 27, 2011 . I came to learn that it was a Redwood deck he was going to be tearing apart so my interest in the wood spiked. Where I live you cant get Redwood lumber . dirty and some boards had been painted. Because of the shape of this lumber it needed to be cleaned up before going through my jointer/planer

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Stretch a chalk line across the joists to find high spots and plane them down. Most PVC and composite products aren't as rigid as wood, so they don't bridge imperfections in the framing as well. If some of your joists are higher than others, you might end up with a wavy surface. Our pros stretch a string across the deck joists..