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Jun 6, 2017 . In most regions of the country, redwood and cedar each cost at least three times more than pressure-treated lumber. For example, I recently bought an 8-ft.-long red cedar 2 x 6 and paid nearly $4 per linear foot--ouch! Both species are considerably less expensive on the West Coast. In California, for..

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Dec 29, 2017 . Description of Sequoia sempervirens (coast redwood). . (Ahuja and Neale 2002). The Save the Redwoods League (2017) has recently initiated an effort to fully sequence the Sequoia sempervirens genome. ... It is widely used for outdoor products such as decks, lawn furniture, planters, hot tubs, etc

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May 2, 2017 . Redwood is typically the most expensive material used for installing a wood deck. Redwood is the strongest and most lightweight wood available, and it's also naturally resistant to rotting. Redwood is most common on the West Coast, where prices are still within range. Those who live elsewhere may pay..

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A redwood deck can cost $30-$75 or more a square foot ($9600-$24000 for a 16'x20' deck), depending on the quality of the lumber, project complexity, and whether construction is by . Redwood is native to the West Coast, and in some regions of the country it can be special-order-only, requiring a few days for delivery

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Aug 30, 2011 . Properly maintained redwood has a beautiful cinnamon color that gives it a rich, elegant look. Redwoods are coastal trees, so the wood is somewhat naturally resistant to moisture, humidity and insects. Therefore, redwood is not injected with toxic chemicals like pressure-treated pine is. Consumers who live..

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Decking. Coastal Lumber is your outdoor decking specialist! We offer materials for both natural Redwood and Composite decks by Nylodeck along with installation services for either deck type. For sturdy, long-lasting and beautiful outdoor decks, we you get the job done right. fencing materials..

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Feel free to stretch your imagination with various color combinations. COLORS: We offer a variety of colors and matching railing systems to complement any home. Some are in stock today; others can be special ordered simply and quickly. Beach House Gray. Harvest Brown. Coastal Redwood. A deck of a different color

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Aug 19, 2016 . Redwood deck 2. With the green building trend still going strong, homeowners want to know that their home will have the smallest carbon footprint possible. . The vast majority of old growth Coast Redwoods are protected in perpetuity within approximately 450,000 acres of national, state, and local forests..

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Nov 11, 2014 . If you're located on the West Coast, choosing redwood can also help in preventative measures against autumn wildfires, as it is a fire-resistant material. Fall Weather Brings More Stability. Rough weather conditions can also weaken your landscaping, which can wreak havoc during a building project Redwood Decking

Also Second Growth trees don't perform nearly as well as the Old Growth trees that established Redwoods outstanding reputation because they do not possess as high of levels of decay resistance. Redwood decking material is widely available on the West Coast in various sizes and grades, but has very limited availability..

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Mar 10, 2015 . Take, for example, redwood. In my own experience with this product, I've heard tales taller than the highest Sequoia sempervirens. . redwooddeck Though some have heard that redwood is difficult to find, redwood sales are strong and the forests themselves have never been larger. Some of the confusion..

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The key to maintaining a green pedigree on your redwood deck is using redwood harvested from new growth treesthose which are 30 to 50 years old . and harvested in accordance with the highest environmental standards in the world, tapping the sun for energy and soaking in California's famed North Coast fog

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Redwood also creates a beautiful deck that can last for several decades, but availability is often limited to the west coast. For a higher grade wood, Edger recommends mahogany or ipe. (They) are very hard, extremely durable and attractive in appearance. Plus these two woods have few flaws. The higher the grade, the..

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Big Creek Lumber's sawmill is one of the few remaining operational sawmills in California, and is the only Redwood sawmill on the Central Coast. . Before entering the sawmill, de-barked logs are transferred from the log deck to the mill site with a CAT 950 log loader where the logs are then placed onto the live deck

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Coast redwood, (Sequoia sempervirens), also called California redwood, coniferous evergreen timber tree of the cypress family (Cupressaceae), found in the fog belt of the coastal range from southwestern Oregon to central California, U.S., at elevations up to 1,000 metres (3,300 feet) above sea level. Coast redwoods are..

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Jun 24, 2016 . Redwood-deck. Redwood has less volumetric and tangential shrinkage than other common domestic softwoods, according to Forest Products . Unlike other trees that are suffering during the current drought, redwoods grow in a narrow strip up the Pacific coastline that provides them with the moisture they..

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Jan 27, 2005 . And because redwood is produced almost exclusively in Humboldt and Mendocino counties, it keeps many North Coast timber operators playing profitably in the increasingly competitive global lumber .. The fast-growing trees looked like they'd be big enough in another 20 years to build a whole deck

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Redwood is the single best decking material available. The long, straight boards line-up without any deviations with few defects. The natural strength and stability of redwood make it a favorite for any kind of deck, and the deep red color and beauty make it unrivaled. Redwood decking commands a premium price. But even..

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California coastal redwoods count among the largest and oldest trees in the world. Coast redwoods, or Sequoia sempervirens, are the tallest living things in the world, with some extending beyond 370 feet. The trees also . Snack on cheese and fruit or have lunch and a glass of wine on the deck among the redwoods